French KS3


In Y7 pupils learn basic personal greetings. Regular ‘er’ verbs are studied as well as the simple irregular verbs ‘avoir’ and ‘être’. The notion of gender is introduced, the article and numbers to 100. Pupils learn to speak with an authentic accent, read French out loud and to write in connected sentences.  Opinions and justification of opinions are given high importance so that pupils learn how to express themselves with confidence in French. The culture of France is studied and ICT skills are reinforced by way of various activities. Pupils are encouraged to communicate in full sentences and to speak French in the classroom as much as possible.

In Y8 pupils continue to adapt their knowledge of French and build on their speaking skills. French is spoken as much as possible in the classroom and pupils are encouraged to express their opinions and justify their responses. The main topics studied are school and health while particular attention is given to the immediate future tense. Writing French with more style and variety of vocabulary is developed throughout the year, connectives are built upon and sentences become longer and more complex. 

In Y9 pupils get prepared for the first GCSE speaking controlled assessment and this examination enables all students to achieve the full range of A* - G grades. The area of study is Holiday time and Travel and there is a requirement for a deeper knowledge and understanding of the French grammar. Therefore, the present tense and immediate future are extensively revised and later in the year pupils are taught the past tense, the simple future and the conditional tense. While the focus is on the speaking skill, the other skills of reading, writing and listening are also thoroughly developed through diverse activities.


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