Geography KS3


Year 7

Locational Geography(All scales – World/European/National/Regional)

Map skills(Grid references/Relief/Compass Points/Scale/OS maps/Map symbols)

Uncovering the UK– Focussing in on the United Kingdom (North , South Divide/Stereotypes/

Geog in a box(Creative landscape /Sense of Place)

Flood Disaster(River Basins/Coastal/River/Responses inc AID/Fieldwork – What happens to water when it reaches the ground)

Topic Week(Geography project of their choice)

India(Culture& Diversity/Climate, monsoon/Globalisation/Waste/India’s Future)

Settlement(Historical & Modern settlement factors/Shanty Towns/Land use &Theory)


Skills – Mapping/Choroplething/Sketching/Questioning & Interpreting/Annotation/Discussion/Debate/Model Creation/graphical skills/Decision Making exercises/Application of theory/ Fieldwork


Year 8

Africa(Physical features inc Climate/Ghana as a success story/Sudan Conflict/Technology in Kenya/Diversity.

Coasts(LSD Ghana/Land reclamation UAE/Coastal erosion/Coastal Landforms)

Tourism(Analysing statistics/Butler Model/Blackpool/Case study Ibiza /Safari in Kenya/ National Parks and their users)

Weather &Climate(Formation of rain/Cloud Type/Weather maps & Forecasting/Global Warming)

Middle East(Mapping/Conflict in Iraq & Afghanistan/Preconceptions/Culture & Diversity)

Population and Development( 7 billion and counting/Malthus & Boserup/Population v resources/Access to water/Development Indicators/Migration/Trade)

Limestone(Features/Uses/Conflict in limestone areas)

Map skills recap & GIS


Skills – Map work/ Predicting/Comparing/ Application of theory/Forecasting/Debate/ fieldwork/GIS/ Sketching.


Year 9

Ecosystems (Deserts/TRF – Focus on Temperate Deciduous Woodland/ Demise of red squirrel/Animal and plant adaptations/The food web / Human impact upon the chain/Impacts on penguin colonies/Fieldwork)

Geography of Music CD

Russia(Climate/Diversity/Mapping/Population/Chernobyl and Nuclear Power/Focus upon Ukraine/ Rural v Urban)

China(Population, sustainability, Controls/Mapping, physical and human factors/Globalisation, TNC’s & SEZ’s/Communism/Three Gorges Dam /Pollution & Development/Trade)

Globalisation(Fair-trade/Child Labour/Technology/Food Miles)

Active Earth(Continental Drift/Tectonic theory/Earthquakes and Volcanoes/Impacts and Responses/Focus on Hawaii)

Glaciation(Features/Processes/Geological timescales/Conflict of use in glacial areas)


Skills – Synthesising/Condensing/Summarising/Debate/ Decision making/Giving opinions.



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