Geography GCSE


Award: GCSE



Why do this course?

  • Geography gets you the compulsory Humanities part of the English Baccalaureate qualification.
  • A qualification in Geography is valued by places of further education and by employers. 

Course entry requirements

  • Suitable for years 10 and 11.
  • A foundation and higher tier of entry are available.  

Key Topics / Subject content

UNIT 1 SKILLS AND CHALLENGES- Learn how to use OS and computer generated maps, how to draw quality sketches and maps, how to interpret aerial and satellite photographs and how to construct and analyse effective graphs. Learn about the challenges the planet faces from climate change, tropical rainforest destruction and traffic congestion. How should we respond to the challenges?

UNIT 2 COASTAL, RIVER AND TECTONIC LANDSCAPES AND A WASTEFUL WORLD- To learn about coasts we visit the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, the Holderness Coastline, in East Yorkshire. Rich countries contain 20% of the world’s population but consume 86% of the world’s products. How do we dispose of all the waste this creates? How can we predict and prevent rivers from flooding? How can we limit the damage caused by earthquakes and volcanoes?

UNIT 3 POPULATION, ECONOMIC AND SETTLEMENT CHANGE AND A TOURIST’S WORLD – Learn about China’s ‘one child’ policy and Singapore’s ‘three or more’policy.What advantages and disadvantages can the tourist industry bring global destinations? How is the development of urban areas managed in rich and poor countries? Why has there been a massive rise in the number of people employed in the service sector?           

Method of Assessment

  • Unit 1 a 1 hour exam (25%).
  • Units 2 and 3. Each unit has a 1 hr 15 mins exam (25% for each unit)
  • Unit 4 Controlled assessment -completed in supervised class conditions based on fieldwork (25%). The topic and title of this investigation will be set by the exam board.
  • Grades are awarded from A*-G.



Geographers are valued because they learn to:

  • Make decisions about an issue.
  • Collect, handle and analyse data.
  • Write a concise report.
  • Think independently and creatively.
  • Solve problems.
  • Be computer literate.
  • Be a well rounded, flexible thinker.
  • Be a good team player.

Progression Route

Geography is a good subject to have on your CV. You can go on to study it at A level and the subject is compatible with many subjects, including science, sociology, politics, biology and environmental studies. Geography leads to many career opportunities including a utility, retail or conservation manager, accountant, chartered surveyor, town planner, diplomat, teacher, travel agent, social workeror can lead to a job in marketing or advertising. Geography graduates are amongst the most employable with 40% appointed to managerial or administrative positions.    


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