Exam Board: AQA

Award: GCSE – range 1-9



Why do this course?

  • If you are passionate about sport
  • If you enjoy the theory behind performance
  • If you enjoy taking part in sport
  • If you have an interest in health & fitness

Course entry requirements

  • A keen interest in sport and playing sport
  • A keen interest in the science behind sport
  • A willingness to participate in a wide range of different sports.

Key Topics / Subject content

  • Unit 1 – The theory of Physical Education;

The theoretical aspect of the course focuses on 7 modules that aim to increase your awareness, knowledge and understanding of factors that affect sport at both an elite and grass root level:

1.     Applied anatomy and physiology

2.     Movement analysis

3.     Physical training

4.     Use of data

5.     Sports psychology

6.     Socio-cultural influences

7.     Health, fitness and well-being

  • Unit 2 – Performance in Physical Education;

As well as experiencing a vast range of diverse and minority sports, you will be graded practically in 3 different sports. This practical grading will consider your ability to produce specific skills, your knowledge and understanding of the sport, and your application of tactics within a match.

The second section within this unit is the analysis of performance. This process involves you analysing and evaluating a sporting performance in one of your chosen sports as well as outlining methods of improvement for the performer.

For this you will be required to analyse someone else in a particular sport and advise them how to improve by suggesting training that can improve their performance. 

Method of Assessment

This course is assessed in the following way:

  1. Theory of Physical Education (60% of total grade) includes 2 exams of 75 minute duration which are each worth 30% of your overall grade.
  2. Performance in Physical Education (40% of total grade) includes a practical performance mark out of 40 taken from 4 different sports and also an analysis of performance project marked out of 10.


This course will help you develop the following skills:

  • Your practical skills in a variety of sports
  • Your coaching and leadership skills
  • Tactical awareness of a variety of sports
  • Theoretical knowledge of sport
  • The ability to analyse someone’s performance and make improvements

Progression Route

GCSE Physical Education is ideally suited to those candidates who wish to pursue a career in the sports and leisure industry. This course provides a stepping stone to A Level PE and also to Level 3 BTec courses on offer in further education. 


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