The Enhanced Resource Centre (for Hearing Impairment)

The Enhanced Resource Centre (for Hearing Impairment) is a specialist resource base providing support for deaf children from across Lincolnshire. We provide a holistic approach that delivers a safe and welcoming environment where students are supported in reaching their academic and social goals.

We build on the work done by our local primary schools, ensuring that all deaf children develop an effective communication system that will allow them to access information and communicate their thoughts and feelings. The aim is to include deaf children in all aspects of school life by meeting their individual learning and communication needs and promoting deaf awareness across the school. We have high aspirations and expectations whilst recognising their Special Educational Need. We tailor their learning and use our specialised facility to reinforce their understanding in acoustically favourable settings. We promote equal opportunities for deaf students to learn and develop.

Deaf students are included in mainstream classes with their hearing peers as much as appropriate and are supported by specialist teaching assistants who have been trained to support deaf students and to match the communication mode preferred by the student. To enhance and consolidate learning and achievement, students are withdrawn for specialist sessions for speech and language therapy, language and literacy development and tutorial work. This policy and ethos of inclusion and access reflects the aims and philosophy of the school.

Students who access the Centre normally will have:

  • A severe or profound bi-lateral hearing loss.
  • A language delay associated with their hearing loss.
  • A statement of Special Educational Needs.
  • Non statemented students are supported by a peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf.

The Centre aims to:

  • Enable deaf students to access a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • Be part of the full life of the school
  • Provide a deaf peer group
  • Create an understanding of the difficulties associated with deafness and promote positive attitudes
  • Enable inclusion of deaf students
  • Consult with mainstream colleagues
  • Provide pre and post mainstream lesson tutoring
  • Provide specialist teaching from the Teacher of the Deaf
  • Support deaf students' learning
  • Provide effective language development for individual students
  • Support post cochlear implant operation rehabilitation programmes
  • Develop and maintain a partnership with parents/carers
  • Develop effective liaison with outside agencies

Contact us

Cherry Willingham Community School, Croft Lane, Cherry Willingham, Lincoln LN3 4JP

Please direct enquiries to Ms. M Cooper in the first instance

  • Telephone: 01522 751040

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