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  •    Students should have a bag large enough to hold an A4 folder.
  •    Plastic bags are not acceptable as the main bag used.
  •    All students should have at a minimum a pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler and rubber in their pencil case.
  •    The following equipment can be purchased from Student Reception:

Pen (Black/Green)         10p
Pencils                             5p
Pencil Sharpener           15p
Erasers                          20p
Rulers                            15p

  •    Students are permitted to have a small, clear plastic bottle of water on their desk during lessons.  Lucozade, bottles of pop or energy drinks, and any other forms of drink bottles are not permitted and students not following this      rule will be dealt with in line with PD, i.e. a   comment in their planner. 
  •    There may be certain practical subjects, including Science, where it is not appropriate for students to have a drink due to Health & Safety reasons. 
  •    Water bottles can be purchased from Student Reception for £1.50.
  •    Any students without their correct equipment are not preparing themselves to learn and will receive an equipment comment in their planner.

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