A message from Mrs E. Stiles - Headteacher

I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Cherry Willingham Community School. Welcome to our site.

Our school has a real sense of being a family and a commitment to work together to ensure success at all levels. Being a small school allows us to know every individual student; no one is left behind. We put learning and individual achievement at the heart of everything we do.

Our motto is 'Be your best’. This applies to everybody on school site, including the Headteacher, which means that all our conversations are based on how we can improve to be the best, both individually and as a school. We set aspirational targets; teachers and students understand that four levels of progress shows better than expected progress. We always aim for the stars, so have the highest aspirations for our students, this means we strive to ensure that all our students have the best education possible, in all measures.

Our values are based on Equality, Teamwork and Success, which we believe are the fundamental building blocks of life.  We foster a caring, supportive and nurturing environment and one where tolerance, empathy and compassion is at the heart of everything we do.  Education is not only about academic success; whilst academic measures are undoubtedly very important and open up opportunities, it is also about becoming a well-rounded, empathic but resilient young person, who will be able to make a positive contribution in society when they leave our school.

Our staff are the most valuable resource we have; excellent teaching in every lesson is the most effective way of students achieving their best. We have very high expectations and a relentless focus on teaching and learning. We believe in leaders at all levels, including student leadership, and actively encourage leadership in the school and beyond.

The secret to our success, I believe, is that we are never complacent; we will always look for opportunities to revisit, reshape, embed or develop our working practices, in order to continue to improve. The drive and determination to succeed comes from a passion and a deep seated belief that we can be outstanding and only then we will have fulfilled our motto: 'Be your best'.

What our school has to offer

We are a small school in a relatively rural setting. We know every child as an individual and so can better meet their needs, academically and emotionally.

We have a strong Pastoral team including two Pastoral Support Officers and they are extremely effective in removing any barriers to learning as quickly as possible.  We have a highly proactive and strong Anti-Bullying team (The Diana Award) which support peer to peer and encourage student leadership.

Even though we are a small school, our curriculum offer is broad and balanced, offering a very good range of subjects for all students. With the new curriculum demands, (by the Government) our teachers and pastoral teams support and guide our students through the substantial new demands made of them in all year groups.

‘Be Your Best’ encompasses everything we stand for and try to achieve, both staff and students alike.

Early Risers for Year 6 is a very successful initiative which allows our new Year 7 pupils to experience time in our school prior to their September start. This leads to a much more relaxed long summer break as anxieties for the pupils and their parents have been alleviated.

We offer, throughout the year, a variety of extracurricular activities, trips and visits as well as ‘Subject Immersion Days’.  All these different opportunities broaden and deepen the Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural development, which is so vital for our students in our society today.

Our students are a real credit to this school, overwhelmingly, visitors comment on just how polite, smart and welcoming they are. We have very good relationships between staff and students and are clearly evident in lessons and around the school which is a real testament to our values and our motto.  If you would like to come and have a look around the school, please contact:

School contact details:  01522 751040

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Cherry Willingham Community School, Croft Lane, Cherry Willingham, Lincoln LN3 4JP

Please direct enquiries to Ms. M Cooper in the first instance

  • Telephone: 01522 751040

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